New Code Geass Projects Green-Lit for 2010 - Featured

The Japanese site for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, the smash hit sci-fi/political thriller from Sunrise, was updated today with an announcement from producer Kawaguchi Yoshitaka. Yoshitaka's message contains some notes about the future plans for the world of Code Geass, with a full-on multimedia blitz coming in the near future. From a new manga set centuries before the events of Lelouch of the Rebellion to a whole slate of new books, CDs, merchandise, and visual work, Code Geass looks like the next coming of Gundam for Sunrise.

The first step of the new multimedia project is to be announced in this week's Newtype magazine, but sources say that the first piece of the puzzle will be a manga called Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya (roughly, "Renya of the Darkness") and will be set in the Edo period of the Geass world's Japan. Surprisingly, the manga isn't being handed off to an artist and left to roam free - Taniguchi Goro, the co-creator of Code Geass himself, is going to be writing the story.

The manga will star a young man named Renya, who meets a mysterious witch named Reifuu C.C., as well as a man who bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite Machiavellian high school student. While it's no surprise that they aren't directly continuing the story of Lelouch given the ending to the series, it's interesting that Sunrise is going to hop around history with this new manga. With a whole host of other works related to the Code Geass universe ready to rush to market over the next couple of years, you have to wonder just what they'll do next to expand the world they created.

We'll find out next year!

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