One Piece Season 10, Episode 421 - The Friends' Whereabouts Part 4 Review

It's become a mantra for me. "Impel Down is coming soon. Don't lose faith. Impel Down is coming soon. Don't lose faith."

This episode, the last in the filler episodes touching on what the rest of the Straw Hat crew is doing while Luffy carries the whole plot on his strong, rubbery shoulders, isn't quite as bad as I was thinking it would be. We get to see Perona again, from way back in the Thrillerbark arc, and this time, her powers are put to use more for comedy than for villainy. Her interaction with Zoro is very basic and pretty repetitive (understandable given the sparseness of the source material), but it's at least amusing.

However, this doesn't change the fact that we've just gone through a month of filler episodes. I think I need to see Impel Down or I'm going to explode!


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