Kobato: Fall Anime Early Impressions - Featured

A cute girl, doing cute things, while carrying a cute bottle and a cute stuffed dog trying to heal broken hearts. Shoujo much? Not that there's anything wrong with that, I happen to enjoy Shoujo series quite a bit. I just had no reason to believe that I would like this one. Then I started watching and all those thoughts just kind of disappeared.

That being said, it is terribly difficult to deny just how cute and charming this first episode really is. Getting into the story and characters right away, Kobato wastes absolutely no time in getting the story set up: Kobato has arrived and she has a purpose. In hindsight, this is possibly one of the best things the series could have done in converting a large percentage of the audience over. Trust me when I say that within twenty minutes you'll be cheering her on as well.

Kobato isn't striking me as a purposely "laugh out loud" comedy series, however. While I hope that the series doesn't plan to make two jokes the primary comedy of the entire series, during this episode I found myself laughing because of how quickly Kobato was growing on me. Sweet, always apologizing but clumsy in a good natured way, I really enjoyed getting to know this heroine here and am already looking forward to seeing more of her learning experiences in future episodes.

Original source: OtakuReview


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