How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 3 Robin 101 Review - Featured

Another very strong episode of How I Met Your Mother this week, as Robin and Barney work out their kinks, Ted goes through his growing pains as a teacher, and Marshall and Lily... mostly listen.

Robin 101 is all about Barney, which means it's legendary right from the start. From Barney's repeated attempts to sneak out the window to his stereotypical "bad student" act in Ted's classroom, we get to see all of our favorite parts of Barney on display, from his shallow and insecure act to the deep-down decency he's tried so hard to hide for over four seasons.

Neil Patrick Harris' performance is - wait for it - legendary in this episode, and his amazing chemistry with Josh Radnor was never more apparent than it was in the classroom scenes. The Dead Poets Society scene had me grinning like a maniac when I saw the setup, and the payoff was incredible. How I Met Your Mother's willingless to mine the '80s for its humor (see: Robin Sparkles, Dirty Dancing) has made it a sentimental favorite for all of us children of the '80s, but it still remains funny for people of all ages.

If there was a drag to this episode, it was the repetition of a couple of jokes that didn't work: Ted saying "bowl" repeatedly to the point of annoyance, and Marshall's strange devotion to a barrel named Mabel. Other than that, though, the episode proved that How I Met Your Mother is running at peak performance right now.

I can't wait for the next episode!

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Oct 6, 2009 4:28PM EDT

Enjoyed the episode too, though I agree that Marshall's Mabel B-story was a little bit lacking - though I appreciated the Bermuda Triangle it is totally true in a city environment that something will generally disappear within seconds after you set it out on the street (unless, of course, it is a stupid barrel...).Also, the Dead Poet's Society joke - and I guess this was just sheer coincidence/poor timing - wasn't as moving for me - as Community literally just had an episode with a running Dead Poet's Society joke that aired this past Thursday.

Default avatar cat

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Oct 6, 2009 5:11PM EDT

Yeah, the Robin 101 storyline was pretty good, Marshall's was definitely weak. But the Robin 101 more than made up for it. The best lines were Ted explaining the 3 topics to stop Robin from being mad at you; 2004 cancucks, proper gun cleaning, or emperor penguins. And give her buterscotch, cause buterscoth is like chocolate to Canadian women.

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