Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini Episode 1 Preview

The new Darker than Black has aired in several areas of Japan, and we have more information about the first episode from their official site! The story picks up two years after the "Tokyo Explosion" that ended the first series, in the wastes of Siberia. Hei and Yin, free from the clutches of the Syndicate, have been off the grid for two years, but resurface in Siberia in this episode, where it looks like they'll stay for the whole run!

The night of the "Tokyo Explosion", the twin daughters of Professor Pavlichenko, Suou and Shion, had a close encounter with a strange meteorite in Siberia. Two years later, Suou is enjoying a normal school life when a series of strange incidents begins happening around her. The incidents attract the attentions of Contractors from around the world, including the man known as the Black Reaper...


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