Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 142 "Battle of Unraikyo" Preview - Featured

While Naruto Shippuden is taking a break for the New Year, they'll be back soon with an exciting new episode that marks a major turning point in the Naruto story!

Sasuke now realizes the true tragedy of his brother Itachi's life, and he has turned his grief into rage against Hidden Leaf Village. He has changed his team's name to Taka (Hawk), and he wants to join Akatsuki to further his plan to destroy his home village. But first, he has to prove his loyalty to the villainous organization, which involves taking on a dangerous new mission.

Meanwhile, Naruto and his team continue their fruitless search for their wayward friend, but how much good will they be able to do with Sasuke's mind set and his path clear?

Find out on January 7, when Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 142 "Battle of Unraikyo" airs!


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