Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra Season 1, Episode 1 Review - Featured

Book of Bantorra is one of the series that I went into this season with some of the highest hopes for. Surprisingly for me, after watching the first episode I found that most of my expectations had been met if not exceeded. Starting with the animation, Bantorra does a great job in the first episode of bringing in influences from various eras and regions. While Hamutz comes across with a very modern design, it’s interesting to see moments later all of the armed librarians wearing outfits that look like they are drawn straight from 19th century industrial England.

With pleasing character designs out of the way, Bantorra spends a lot of time in this episode showing equally impressive animation and backgrounds. While some scenes out in the ocean could come across as over produced early on, the quiet moments inside the boat and around the town all had the rustic, dark qualities that I was looking for thanks to the early trailer footage released before the season premiere.

Lots of little plot hooks made this episode something that I really couldn’t take my eyes away from. It’s still early but there are a number of directions that I can see this series going in and that leaves me really wanting to see more. It’s dark, gothic and is moving at a deliberate but not painfully slow pace. I can only hope that this series will continue to live up to its early potential.

Original source: OtakuReview


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