Fairy Tail Season 1 Review - Featured

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The easy way to review Fairy Tail is to say "This is One Piece, but with wizards instead of pirates." It's mostly true, too. There's a little more going on than that, though, so it's worth taking a deeper look at the show to see past the similarities and judge it on its own merits.

In terms of the magical action, Fairy Tail hasn't impressed me at all. Only a few episodes in, it's already relied heavily on stock footage and most scenes just end with a punch to the face. There hasn't been much in the way of creativity either.

The strong point of this show is the comedy. It's far more amusing to watch the heroes squabble incessantly than it is to see them fighting the bad guys.

The Good:

- Solid comic timing and a flair for the ridiculous.

- Great cast that carries the dialogue well.

The Bad:

- Generic in almost every other way - throwaway plots, forgettable fights, and not much else.


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