One Piece Season 10, Episode 429 "Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. Largo!" Review

We've come to an end for the little mini-arc starring the whole Straw Hat crew and the Amigo Pirates, and while the conclusion is satisfying, I can't help but be annoyed that I won't be able to watch the Strong World movie this whole arc has been building to.

The finale of the Little East Blue story closes on a high note, mixing all of the action, comedy, and emotion of One Piece into one tightly written episode. As Luffy takes on Largo, the rest of the original crew rallies the people of Little East Blue to fight for themselves, which is at once heartwarming and a little stupid-looking. I mean, they have a bunch of villagers with rocks taking on a bunch of pirates with guns - and winning. It requires a Spider-Man sized dose of suspension of disbelief to work through that, but otherwise the rest of the episode flows smoothly.

Strangely, the best part of the episode is the fight scene you don't see. While Luffy goes through all of his usual gymnastics to beat Largo, the highlight of the episode is after the Amigo pirates have been driven off and Luffy gets to finish his friendly match with Boss, the giant beetle the Amigo pirates were trying to capture. It takes place off-screen, and all you hear are Luffy's angry shouts and some amusing grunts from the beetle as everyone else just stares at Luffy for being such an idiot, especially after the match ends in a draw with both participants declaring themselves to be the winner.

So, that ends an amusing month-long tangent from Oda - back to Impel Down, where we plebeians will have to stay until the Strong World movie comes outside of Japan and finishes this story!


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