One Piece Season 10, Episode 419 - The Friends' Whereabouts Review

Another week, another filler episode to mark time before Impel Down starts. This episode was a little amusing, with Boa Hancock's crush on Luffy being pure comedy gold.

The problem is that Chopper's segment is unbelievably boring, and even though Sanji's half of the show is good, two facts can't be denied. First, this show is fluff. Nothing important happens that couldn't have been shown in 15 fewer minutes (remember, these "Where's the crew?" segments were single-page splashes in the manga's title pages, a One Piece trademark). This drags on way too long, and the only piece of fluff that really is fun is Boa Hancock's girlish glee when she gets to feed Luffy in her imagination.

Still, as I said last week, this is part of the shadow bargain we have to make in order to have One Piece every week. We put up with some filler, and the other 40-some weeks of the year, we have nonstop awesomeness.

Bring on Impel Down, already!


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Sep 29, 2009 1:01PM EDT

I'll definitely have to agree with you on this one Dominic. To me the problem is they tried to make an episode out of the covers from the manga. There wasn't even really a story to any of them (in the manga), and i'm afraid they are going to do this with all of the characters before we get to see Luffy go to Impel Down.

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