One Piece Season 10, Episode 417 - Love is a Hurricane! Love-Love Hancock Review

One Piece has had some romance injected into its action-comedy, and while Luffy is his usual oblivious self, Boa Hancock's character change is both welcome and really, really fun! Her feelings for Luffy have been building up since they first met, and the various Amazons' reactions to Boa Hancock's "illness" are great to watch.

Boa Hancock was already rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters, and in this episode, with her cool exterior cracked and her control lost, she shoots up my personal rankings. I'm rooting for Boa from now on, and I hope she stays around Luffy longer - even when she kicks kittens, she's a joy to watch.

Next up, we have some filler episodes as we catch up with the rest of crew, but Impel Down will be worth the wait. I promise!


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