The Nerd shall Rise again....

I just wanted to point out that in the latest episode Chuck Versus the Living Dead, that the references to comics were pretty numerous.

For one the Titans poster hanging by the kitchen i got a kick out of.

You can see Y The Last Man in two scenes, one Chuck is reading it and the scene when Sarah hands Chuck her Spy will one issue is on the bedroom wall.

Also the framed issues of several comics on the wall.

When Papa B throws the knife at Chucks face he picks it up off of Issue 27 of JSA or Justice Society of America.

In Chuck's pad there is a Book shelve with a place with a few DC tradebacks.

I might be grabbing at thin air but the fight scene in the Cabin, Chuck had a big Nightwing/Dick Grayson vibe going with those pieces of the chair.

The Family dinner with the story about wearing the Hawkman costume to school was cool too. Also with Ellie saying Thanagarian was awesome.

This was me just pointing out a few of the little things that i love about the show.


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