Easy and funny as hell

Just recently discovered this new Uk series, again in british tradition a comedy thats delicious, not exactly witty, but fun and entertaining.

A 29 year old guy Don Danbury, also called DD, is basically a scallawag.

Fired from 6 jobs, jumping on every girl, most of his days wasted, all of a sudden has to accept a heritage, his grandmother died.

She leaves him a nice house, but the house comes with a catch, granny didnt pay the mortgage for quite a while and even more ennoying it comes with the housekeeper, Eddie Singh, played by David Armand, best known for his role in The Hollow Men.

As Don just got fired from his last job, having sex with his boss, he needs to come up with cash, so he decides to rent out a room.

Don beeing all "practical" is looking for a FEMALE housemate and guess who shows up, his former school crush Abby Jones.

She moves in, brings her boyfriend. Don wants to win her heart with some of the most idiotic plans. Specially in the episode with the children, hillarious.

Its very addictive, mad, bad (as in good) jokes all around.

The only pitty is that the female character Abby portrayed by Sinaid Moynehan doesnt have anything else to do, as beeing nice, sweet, innocent and a bit dull. I wish she would have a bit more edge.

I just watched all available 6 epsiodes in a row, couldnt resist.

There are rumours about ABC doing a US pilot...



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