Hello everyone,

Im from Germany, also called TV wasteland and I LOVE my "Captain Tight Pants".

Believe me, living in the US or the UK, you can be so lucky as you can choose from several very good TV shows. Over here in Germany our TV program has no value whatsoever, its beyond all bearing ! Oh yes, we do get some TV series, like House (brillant), Heroes (only first season), Prison Break (hope it gets better next season), 24 (cant wait for the new season) and others, but with mostly horrible translations, which often changes the whole meaning of a show. This is why I quit german television and started to watch the original series on the net.

Which brings me to FIREFLY:

Let me tell you, this little TV series called "Firefly" is outstanding, its unbelievable, its amazing, its fantastic, its everything and so much more - its a Masterpiece !

Chapeau Mr. Whedon and everyone involved.

Perfekt casting, excellent acting, great characters development, super funny and smart dialoges, I think I quoted the guys around 50 times already ;), incredible chemistry within the cast, a Sci-fi/Western Mix that actually works and finally, thank god, no alians... On top, a captain that is the coolest bastard in the verse !

I have to thank Sidereel a great lot, as I found FIREFLY on their site. I became hooked after only 3 episodes, learned about the whole "Flan-phenomenon", bought the DVD box set and the Serenity DVD and became a proud browncoat on a mission.

I signed several online petitions, wrote emails & letters to RTL and to Fox, I also go to DVD shops to make sure Firefly and Serenity DVDs are at the front of the shelfs. And convinced all my friends to watch the show. They all LOVE it now.

FIREFLY, until now, never saw the light of day over here. RTL, a german TV station has the rights since years, but never dared to give it air time. I called them several times, they didnt even know that they have the rights, shame on them.

I wont give up, I will spread the word as long as it takes...

Until than, lll be in my bunk...


Beate, Berlin, Germany


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Apr 30, 2008 8:47AM EDT

I totally agree with you. Since i bought the DVD Box, i'm telling everybody to watch this awsome show. I love it! And it's a real shame, that RTL hasn't aired it yet. I hope they will take a look at it soon, i think you can't just let it be in a box for longer. Germany deserves such a high quality, funny, breathtaking TV Show.
So long,
Andrea, Germany

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