Move Over Conan

Wow. This show was great. If anyone hasn't heard about this show check it out. Basically Jimmy Fallon has replaced Conan O'Brein (sp?) and the results of his premier tonight were great. I've never been that into Jimmy Fallon before, (probably due to his mega-hit Taxi right?) but I went into this show tonight with an open mind, hoping he succeeded. And he did.

Here's why:

This was some real honest television. Our screens are crowded with reality shows and all that crap all the time. We are constantly flooded with superfluous garbage that as the late great George Carlin would say, "is all bulls*** folks, and it's bad for ya."

Well not this show. Basically I saw Jimmy just joking around like a classic talk show host feeding off his audience's energy and entertaining us with a real genuine persona. He came through like himself: Jimmy Fallon. And that's what I think is going to make us all turn our TVs to NBC every week night: an honest, but hilarious personality. No faking.

And here's possibly the main reason why this show was awesome:

The Roots are his house band. That's right folks. The Legendary Roots Crew is backing up former SNL host Jimmy Fallon. This was some of the best Late Night TV music I've ever heard. (coming from quite a bias, however, seeing that The Roots are one of my favorite bands.)

But still, I've never been a fan of popular TV, but this tops my charts. Check him out daily guys, he's worth it.


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Mar 3, 2009 8:03PM EST

I agree with you on The Roots! They are terrific and seriously too good to be true for a house band.But...I think Fallon shows potential, though I personally wouldn't quite say he was anywhere near great yet. He was so visibly nervous that I felt uncomfortable! He made me nervous for him!And...perhaps less so his fault...but I thought the prerecorded segments (the target demographic one, space train) and the Lick-It thing were completely not funny.

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