What Now?

That's wat i was left wondering at the end of this (to me) most stellar finale.Now that they've found earth(and like other fans i hope this really isn't a dream because i would love to see 'where they go from here'...and btw i thought as a funny bruhaha in the back of my mind that song(Where do we go from here..was that a buffy song?) would have been perfect for the background music...maybe not..lol!

Was all the fighting, betrayal, visions etc for nothing?

And who the frac is the fifth?

Someone had an interesting idea that maybe Starbuck is the product of the original Starbuck's 'get together' with some being...i would love to see sumin like that next season as well.

I gotta admit that i thought these writers would do sumin like this to me.They wouldn't call em cliff-hangers for nothing right.

So lets see, what do you you think will happen next season?

*Will Starbuck be the death of her 'people'

*Diana says the final 4 was on galactica..therefore the 5th must have been on board the cylon ship at the time?

What do you think BSG writers have in store for us next season?


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Jun 14, 2008 10:44PM EDT

Kendra Shaw is the final Cylon. That's my gut feeling.
Remember, if it turns out to be true, Zog The Obvious called it first!

Jun 15, 2008 3:09AM EDT

Did you guys see the running water over the ruins at the end of the episode maybe it has somthing to do with the flood they talked about earlier, and also maybe the last cylon is on earth and has somthing to do with what happened; they did say that they have been to earth before. The final five probably still have somthing to tell us that might be important to all this. they really didnt tell us anything yet it was kara who actually found the signal, its just a guess, what do you guys think?P.S. Do you guys rememberthe beacon they found with the virus on it and it was killing the cylons does anyone know what signifigance it has?

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Jun 15, 2008 7:56AM EDT

Ah, don't say they're going to introduce a new character from Earth who happens to be the 5th cylon. That would be a total cop out.

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Jun 15, 2008 12:00PM EDT

okay, i want to confirm my understanding of the finale; it lookded to me like Earth suffered a nuclear winter and is now a wasteland, the sky and land are contaiminated with radiation, and it's certainly not a capable of sustaining life. That was my take from it. Am I wrong?
I thought they might go back to Caprica and with their new allies, the rebel cylons, and see if they can't coexist on Caprica together. That might be something that hasn't happened before and may change the fact that it will happen again. Because like Adama said, that was the end of the line. there is no where else to go.

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Jun 15, 2008 2:34PM EDT

My thoughts are that when starbuck left she actually did go to earth. Remember the other skin jobs have many clones if starbuck is one then why cant she be on earth AND on galactica. Therefore on earth she could have been the destroyer of her people(people on earth) and it would explain why kara could feel where earth was and how her ship if it's a double of the original can be the only ship to get the signal.

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Jun 15, 2008 4:24PM EDT

I totally agree that it looked like a nuclear waste land. When Admiral Adama picked up a bit of the earth he had it scanned by a geiger counter which made me think immediately that it was radioactive.But then the ruins themsevles also looked old and made of stone so therefore its likely to be ancient rather than modern.I think that Brother Cabel is alive (after the interview of the writer woman, can't remember her name) and that the rest of the cyclons either will turn up on earth and there will be another showdown resulting in the end of the cylons (if the theory that these humans are the humans which began our civilisation is true) or resulting in a lot of loss. I know I read somewhere that at the end of the series there is meant to be very little left of the human race.
And the fifth cylon? if its not in the human fleet, it can't be in the cylon one.. and I can't think of any characters that have been prominant and aren't around. Only Ellen..?

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Jun 15, 2008 10:52PM EDT

i think the 5th was on the baseship and that's why it's not with the fleet. I still believe it's Roslin.

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Jun 15, 2008 11:47PM EDT

Didn't Starbuck refrence earth as a lush green, blue and white planet? wouldn't that mean that the last time she went to earth it was perfectly fine?What could have possibly been the demise of the 13th colony? their own quarels? or possibly, the final 5 cylons?Has indeed all of this happened before, and will it all happen again, why? and more importantly, how?

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Jun 16, 2008 12:22AM EDT

After a very dark and somtimes hard to follow season so far, I really liked this episode, despite the "What now?"..... My guess is that as some have speculated that there might have been some kind of nuclear battle/accident that left "earth" uninhabitable , and they will find some clues that the survivors of the 13th tribe went back out into space......Another thought is that the elusive 5th cylon caused the disaster..... Finally a good episode that leaves me wanting more.....

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Jun 16, 2008 2:33AM EDT

So after ruminating for a day, here's what I've come to: there's definitely been a nuclear catastrophe either by their own hands or an outside enemy, but it would have had to happen a good while ago because while there was radiation present, it clearly wasn't in high quantity anymore (remember on Caprica no one was there more than 2 min before going to the anti-radiation meds). The civilization that was there was modern to some extent, you can tell by the fragments of the buildings that were in the distance before Starbuck- those were high rise remnants. Where they were on the beach looked like the remains of the hall drawn in Pithia that Lee and Starbuck were looking at in the beginning of the episode- did anybody else pick up on that? Like Jzchillin said, the 13th tribe could have gone back into space- that's how they got to earth in the first place from Kobol, but going with Spazinator's idea of Earth being fertile when Kara was last there, we do know there was time discrepancy all over the place surrounding that trip, so maybe a lot more time passed on the Earth side than on the Galactica side of that equation- or maybe she only flew above because it did look pretty blue and nice from space when they jumped in. Either way,they're back on the ships.
And it doesn't make much sense for the Final 5th Cylon to be there with them because D'Anna saw all 5 faces, but she said 4 were with the fleet. We all know that the 4 were drawn together, so if the 5th has been with the fleet, then the only explanation is s/he hasn't been "switched on" yet. Now D'Anna was all pumped about protecting the final Cylons, so if the 5th had been Roslin or anyone else in the crew who was on the rebel baseship at the time, it seems like she would have gone to that person and put them somewhere for safekeeping even if she didn't tell them they were the 5th assuming they weren't activated for a big Godly reason. And once they were fully allied and everyone was all accepted, she'd be able to bring that person out- so I don't see how the 5th could be with them. If Kara on Galactica is a copy, she would still be the 5th and still be in the fleet making 5 with them, so that doesn't hold.
As for her being the "death" of her people, the hybrid didn't tell her they would die, she said Kara would lead them to their end, which isn't the same thing. If you factor in all the frakking that's been done by humans & cylons whether they all knew who they were or not, the children that have been born from it so far, the ones incubating, and the ones sure to come if the alliance manages to hold (that's right, hot Sixes and Eights for every man and sensitive devoting Twos who can cook and still look good for every woman!), it won't be too long before the "human race" such as it stands now does come to an end because of the children who are "the shape of things to come" as Roslin has said and "God's new generation" as Six has said. And Kara has lead the way the whole time from not killing Leoben and picking up the rebel ship to telling Lee that the universal maestro wants them to find Earth together.
Whatever happens in the rest of the season I know 1 thing for sure: destroying the hub only killed the power of the 1s, 4s, & 5s resurrect, it didn't kill the 1s, 4s and 5s that were alive on baseships away from the hub. And whether the Cavil D'Anna killed woke up in goo and got out before it blew or not, all the rest of those guys aren't going to just accept their mortality and move on- especially since all they've got are guys now. Cylon God and The Gods help us all if they get hold of the Final 5th before the fleet does.
Sorry this got long, but once I read other posts I wanted to respond to them too. You guys are making me think! For those who mentioned it though, why do you think the Final 5th or all 5 had anything to do with what happened on Earth? I mean, it's not like they couldn't have easily done it to themselves considering how advanced they would have been when they arrived from Kobol- and the fact that those people chose to go out light years away from the other 12 tribes without making contact again- what's with that attitude? Who knows who they've pissed off since?

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Jun 16, 2008 7:34AM EDT

I thought the fifth was the viper?

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Jun 16, 2008 8:42AM EDT

For starts, there is more than one resurrection ship - I'm pretty sure this was mentioned near the beginning of the series.For a society that depends on cloning and duplicating themselves, for them NOT to have duplicated their resurrection facility is nonsense.Believe it or not, possibly due to the presence of Lucy Lawless, I had it in my head they had landed in Australia, and were looking at the Sydney opera house. I have no real reason to say this, never having been to Oz, but the arch just kinda reminded me, and there are few more distinctive opera houses in the world.Let's refer back to the vision/map that Roslin had earlier on, many episode ago. She saw the opera house in what were ruins on a map. Does that have anything to do with the current plot twists?Also, IF Earth is now finished, it strikes me that there are a whole lot of planets that they've landed on that are capable of sustaining life - we've visited several already throughout the series.Will the Cylons age? Adama pointed out that he had watched Tigh age. But what about the cloned ones?I LOVE the idea that the fifth is not a person at all, haha. Radical thinking!I'd still feel cheated though if that were the case.And by the way, kudos for Tigh's acting during this episode. He was superb - as was Adama having his breakdown. And Lee. WOW - they were just all fab. We've GOT to have a feature film with this bunch of actors!I confess I'm slightly puzzled where they're going to go with the final episode from here. Can't frakkin' wait!

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Jun 16, 2008 6:13PM EDT

is it not possible that the parallel here is in that "all this has happened will happen again"? To further that thought, could earth and caprica not be a revolving door? Just as caprica was destroyed sending its survivors and attackers on a quest to find earth could it be that the ancients were travelers from earth who had been in a similar ordeal/ conflict which left their world (earth) destroyed and that led them on their quest to what they thought was their original home otherwise known as caprica? This is all possible if during the next season results in the destruction of technology and leaves the survivors with only written records which may include reference to the 12 cylons who in turn throughout time eventually become the pluralistic Godhead? the spiritual aspect may be a stretch but the cycle of rebuilding growing destroying and fleeing only to start again is plausible.

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Jun 16, 2008 6:36PM EDT

I was also thinking maybe the 12th cylon is the metal centauriens. Can't remember if they say in the first season if they have 12 different skinjobs or just models. These could also be the cylon "god" because they created the rest of the skinjobs.

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Jun 18, 2008 5:51PM EDT

I like that the 12 cylons could be the human "gods" and Caprica is the same as Earth. Interesting thought that the viper was the 12th cylon. I have to tell you it makes some sense but I would also agree with fudgeface, I would feel cheated. I always wondered about the hybrids and why they weren't considered a model. I also found it interesting that they Skip the 7 model all together. The "Sharron"'s are 8's and the "Natalie"'s are 6's of course. So where is the 7th model. Why don't the other Skinjobs know about the 7?
I think there has to be a resurection "hub" like facility on Caprica as well. So all the cylons there on Caprica should have a way to get back into the goo-bath.
Remember in the episode I think it's "Download" where Caprica 6 tries to convince Boomer that she's got to cooperate with the other cylons. Cylons were planting trees and stuff there. Okay, I never totally understood 1)why the skinjobs never got ratiation sickness 2) how vegitation was able to grow again so quickly after a nuclear attack. Do the cylons have a technology to green/clean Caprica?
My thoughts are that the remaining cylons, rebels or not, will want to make their way back to Caprica. But, now they have ties to the humans (6 is preggers, four of the five are human-like inso far as their relationships, Athena and Helo's piglet, Tyrol's little one, who knows maybe an Anders/Starbuck offspring?) so maybe they take them back too.
I think the crew and the fleet are going to feel so lost and so disappointed regarding Earth that they won't have anything to believe in, any more. Enter monotheism. Just give me something to believe in.

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Jun 22, 2008 8:26PM EDT

Gotta say its almost impossible to guess where they are going to go from here. The Cylons looked as lost and confused at the end as the humans.
Here are a few thoughts:
1) D'anna said 'I had no idea' when she saw the Fifth Cylon, suggesting she was astonished as to who it was. So far she doesn't seem to have identified who this Fifth is. Judging by the image of the five flowing figures the Fifth is humanoid too...
2) She said the Fifth was not in the Fleet, so we haven't met them yet. If the Fifth was on the Base Ship, then why hasn't he/she been identified by D'Anna?
3) If there is no-one on Earth, who sent the signals to the Four on the Galactica? And who sent the mystery Viper back with the signal from Earth? And who was the Leoben Starbuck saw before she 'died' who, when she said 'You aren't Leoben' said 'I never said I was.'?
4) The hybrid did indeed tell Starbuck she was 'the harbinger of death' and that she would 'bring her kind to their end' and not their death, but the hybrid in Razor DID say she had to be stopped and that she would bring humanity to its doom.
5) We still don't know what happened to Starbuck when she 'died' or where she went for two months.
6) Who designed the Final Five? Who made it against the rules for the other Seven not to think or enquire after them? The Hybrid seemed to indicate that the Thirteenth had sent the Final Five. Is there in fact a THIRTEENTH Cylon on Earth? An uber-Cylon? Is the goal of this uber-Cylon to bring humanity and the Cylons together and create a new species which won't constantly tear itself apart (a big feature of the series is the human race's capacity to argue and divide itself, also that, as the story progresses, the humans risk becoming as ruthless as Cylons and the Cylons risk becoming as flawed and irrational as humans)? Could this uber-Cylon be the One True God everyone is going on about? If so, who created this uber-Cylon?
7) What are we all doing wasting our time writing all this stuff when the sun is shining outside?
That last was a joke. Its a measure of how brilliant this series is that we are all so hooked. Why can't more TV be the same? How have they managed to keep the quality up for so long? Amazing...
Well, maybe it wasn't ENTIRELY a joke...

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Jun 30, 2008 4:26AM EDT

Has anyone taken the idea that the 13th tribe are actually cylons??This is how they know it has happened before and will happen again.

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Jul 2, 2008 8:02PM EDT

It's already been confirmed that the fifth final cylon is NOT one of the main characters and is NOT one of the humans present in the Last Supper photos and Laura Roslin is in both of those categories.
So because of that and just the way the show is working it will probably be a new character, i am interested in seeing how they explain/introduce this cylon.
And maybe there is some hope for Earth? they don't really have anywhere else to go, they could always try to fix the place

Jul 3, 2008 1:44AM EDT

I'm telling you. The final Cylon is Billy - back from the dead... ;-)

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