not the same old West Beverly High

they kept the opening theme!!!:)

something that got me really excited.

i just finished watching the first 2 episodes of the new 90210 series.

its a bit different from the days when Kelly, Donna, Brenda, Brandon, David, Steve and Andrea walked the halls of West Beverly High.

it still tackles the same teenage issues, but in a more "mature" way.

i also love the fact that they kept Nat at the peach pit. the first episode shows him making a cappuccino on an espresso machine. i read somewhere that the Peach Pit will be their hangout spot.

the role of the "DAD" or in this case Principal Harry Wilson will be played by Rob Estes. he's a familiar face coz he played Kyle Mcbride on Melrose Place(also created by Aaron Spelling). that show was somewhat connected to Beverly Hills 90210 (since we were able to see Kelly and Dylan in some episodes.please correct me if am wrong).

another thing that blew my mind is how they incorporated Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) to the whole story. she's now the guidance counselor at West Beverly High and her half sister(c/o Mel Silver, David's dad) Erin Silver goes to west bev as well.

am loving the new 90210 so far..i just can't wait to see how they'll throw Brenda in.

hopefully the other old cast members will consider doing a cameo for the show.

i wasnt be taken back to 18 years ago when the whole phenomenon started (sure it was SORTA the same opening) but it was a whole new place.

hope you'll enjoy it as much as i did!;)


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