Episode Eight, "Emancipation"

The people you work with can become a sort of weird, twisted family - especially if you spend as much time together as the House doctors do. It's great to have a close safety net when you need support, but it can also get a little too stifling sometimes. On this week's episode, a few of the doctors seek freedom from the PPH family, with varying results. To chat about it, just read more.

So, this was one of the House episodes with a clear parallel between patient and doctor - maybe the most obvious one this year, and a little too obvious for my taste. The main patient is an emancipated minor who first says her parents are dead (drawing the interest of fellow orphan Kutner), then says she cut them out of her life because she was raped, then admits she has no contact with them because she accidentally killed their son. The doctors know pretty early that she's lying in some way, but it takes lots of different strategies (including guilting her with the fear of dying, as Taub did by pretending to be a Huntington's patient like Thirteen) before House finally figures out how to tell her what she needs to hear: that she's hiding from her parents because she did something horrible, but if she lets herself die, she will have killed both their children.

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