Top 10 new shows to watch has been kind enough to make it easier for us to navigate the jungle of new fall shows. So for those of us with limited time, here's the top ten of the new shows:

#10 Community

A lawyer has his license revoked when the state bar association discovers his college credentials are fake, so he enrolls at Greendale Community College. Soon, he forms a study group in a half-assed attempt seduce a pretty girl, but ends up with a coffee klatch of sad clowns -- and a second chance at an honest life.

Premieres September 17, 9:30pm on NBC

#9 Stargate Universe

When a hidden research base comes under attack, its personnel escape through a Stargate to parts unknown. Forced to seek out food, water and other basics to survive, they have no clue what they'll find along the way.

Premieres October 2, 9 pm on Syfy

#8 FlashForward

An unexplained event causes the entire world to black out for two minutes and 17 seconds, and every person is granted a glimpse at a scene from their lives six months in the future.

Premieres September 24, 8pm on ABC

#7 Archer

Master operative Sterling Archer, code name Duchess, navigates the dangerous wilds of office politics and gets a little spying done, too. The voice cast includes Aisha Tyler, Christopher Parnell and Jessica Walter.

Premiere TBA on FX

#6 White Collar

A master con artist and the FBI agent who caught him team up to catch other major league criminals.

Premieres October 23, 10pm on USA

#5 Eastwick

A trio of women in a New England town suddenly manifests strange powers, which oddly makes them close friends overnight. But they also attract the attention of a rich, enigmatic newcomer who seems to know about all of their innermost desires.

Premieres September 23, 10pm on ABC

#4 Modern Family

Easily the most enjoyable sitcom of the fall, this faux-documentary style comedy shows what it's like to be a family in 2009 from the perspective of the three very different couples.

Premieres September 23, 9 pm on ABC

#3 The Good Wife

When Chicago politician Peter Florrick is exposed in a scandal involving corruption and an extramarital affair, his wife Alicia returns to the workforce as a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm.

Premieres September 22, 10 pm on CBS

#2 V

In this reboot of NBC's '80s miniseries, aliens who call themselves the Visitors (V's) arrive with declarations of peace and the desire to exchange technology for supplies. But some soon discover a more sinister agenda.

Premieres November 3, 8 pm on ABC

#1 Glee

Yearning to give voice to the misfits in the school where he teaches, Spanish teacher Will Schuester takes over the Glee Club and soon has them performing hot versions of pop tunes such as Push It by Salt-N-Pepa and Kanye West's Gold Digger. But Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester is one of many who are eager to see Glee Club fall flat on its face.

Premieres September 9, 9 pm on Fox


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