Pleasently surprised

Let's be honest -there's a lot of crappy romantic comedies out there, really a lot. That's perhaps why my expectations were so low going in. Basically I just needed the background noise.

Then it happened, I was drawn in, and not just that. This movie is actually funny (yes you've heard that a million times) but it doesn't get less true. To have more than three, genuinely 'laughing out very loud' moments is rare, and it's all thanks to Kenny Doughty's relentless dedication -he's willing to go the extra ridiculously mile, just to expose himself. Fantastic.

I'm not gonna give you an ending spoiler (really no need, is there?) But within the clichés and typical build-ups this movie has something unique going for itself.

So if you're in the mood -do yourself a favour and enjoy this film


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