Nurse Jackie -successful in avoiding the 'House' Resemblance

I just looked at Mental's discussions and a lot of people are disappointed with the copycat-like resemblance with House.

Then it struck me that no one has mentioned the same resemblance with Nurse Jackie (c'mon she's popping pills like a true House groupie). It would be obvious to discard this show as a 'House as a Nurse' catch, but no one has!

In my opinion it's because this show, from the get-go, went for a different identity, the pills are not the main concern, merely another evil in the bunch of Jackie's very complicated problems. May I just give my applause to the writers, creators and actors for walking such a thin line and succeeding, marvellously!

The only resemblance with House this show deserves is its Greatness, general appeal and obvious knack for creating great comedy-drama

-keep it up, I'll be watching!


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