Review: True Blood - Beautifully Broken

Episode: Beautifully Broken (Season 3, Episode 2)

Synopsis: Bill faces off with his werewolf captors, only to discover the supernatural being commanding them is the last one he'd expect. Back in Bon Temps, Jessica attempts to simultaneously help Sookie in her search for Bill and ditch a body in her crawlspace. Tara continues to battle her suicidal tendencies while Sam finds the family he never got a chance to know. Lastly, Jason and Andy continue to dance around the death of Eggs as the spotlight on them grows brighter.

Review: Despite handling all of the same storylines from last week, somehow this episode managed its time better and was more satisfying. We get a little bit of action and a good bit of back story on those who have taken Bill and why and also a look into the history of the werewolves.

If there is one thing I don't like about season three thus far its the werewolves like I mentioned last week, they're just guys who turn into wolves. I'm not entirely certain how these things are supposed to pose a threat to most people. They seem to have regular human weaknesses, and even wolf weaknesses. Bill kills a group of werewolves early, ripping off limbs and ears with his bare hands. In a flashback, another werewolf is killed by a broken neck and is tormented by a knife that may have been silver, but probably wasn't. So unless we see some serious werewolf ass kickery, I'm going to be disappointed. Honestly unless there is something more to these dogs, Sam has it way better he can turn into a bear or something. Id like to see the extent of his powers pushed he can turn into anything he sees, like a dog or a bear or a giant bull. But what if he looks at say, a dinosaur in a museum, or in a movie? Could Sam turn into a velociraptor?

Aside from my werewolf issues, the episode was pretty good. We meet Lafayette s mother who is institutionalized, racist, homophobic, and may have crabs because s constantly scratching at her crotch. Why we met her, we don't exactly know, but needless to say its not pretty and will play a bigger role in future episodes.

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