Treme Recap: Always for Pleasure

One of the knocks against Treme early in the season leveled, not inaccurately, by Josh Levin, among others was that the show's first few episodes seemed to be colored by David Simon's fervent love of the city, and seemed more like mash notes than drama. Well! As the season's gone on, the dysfunctional heart of the city has made itself known, and a couple of Treme's characters finally crack under the strain this week. "This town beat me," a character says in "Wish Someone Would Care," a title that like the heartbreaking Irma Thomas song that lends its name just begins to hint at the darkness at the show's heart. The character who says those words is headed to the east coast. But another character looks to be making a longer, and sadder, journey.

Speaking of journeys, this season's journey is almost over, and the show has really overcome a lot of our problems with it. Not through any conscious effort by the show's producers to respond to criticism, of course David Simon doesn't give two shits about what anyone says about his show. No, it's clear that this season was intended all along to lure us in with the passion that its characters feel for New Orleans, and then hit us hard with the indifference that New Orleans often shows its characters.

Annie and Sonny: "The music? That's personal"

Down by the river, Annie's trying to break up with Sonny. Only musically, though, she tries to tell him she just wants a break from playing together, because he's drunk or high half the time, and it's hard to play with him when he's like that. Sonny isn't buying it. If she's not with him, he thinks, she's against him, so he tells her to get her stuff out of the apartment. Which, honestly, is great! Even though she can barely look at him. This is a really nicely filmed, and nicely acted, scene.

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