'Big Bang' star Jim Parsons on his bittersweet Emmy nod and those pesky contrct talks

With the cast of The Big Bang Theory in contract renegotiations - and Jim Parsons' peeps possibly angling to get him the show's fattest paycheck - the actor's second Emmy nomination couldn't have come at a better time. But, when I spoke with him, he didn't seem inclined to use the accolade as a bargaining tool. "I cannot wait to get back to work," insisted the funnyman, "and nothing but the fiery gates of hell could keep from portraying Sheldon again."

Still, Parsons was bummed that the CBS hitcom wasn't recognized. "Bittersweet is the perfect way to describe (the feeling)," he told me. "I of course was excited, but it would've been so nice to be able to rejoice with the whole group over a show nomination. Next year," he added.

In the meantime, the genius portrayer won't be wracking his brain trying to decide which episode he'll use to entice Emmy voters. "I am submitting the one where Sheldon is accepting an award, and ends up on stage drunk and loses his pants," he revealed. Why that one? "Sex sells."

"But in all seriousness," he continued, "I worked with everybody in one-on-one scenes (in this outing) and I thought it really showed very specific facets of Sheldon and how he relates to this person and that person."




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Jul 15, 2010 3:28AM EDT

He deserves an emmy! While I was reading his quotes I can only picture him as sheldon, I can not imagine bigbang without the sheldon character.

Default avatar cat

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Aug 26, 2010 8:05AM EDT

It might as well be called the Sheldon show in all honesty, I mean it was obvious that they didn't know what a golden goose they had in their hands when they launched BBT as they still wanted to make Lenard and Penny the main story of the show but it just didn't turn out that way and season two it was the Sheldon show.
Personally I hope that they do what Friends did and negotiate their salaries together as a group, its the only way to keep it from breaking apart. This show is the successor to Friends and if they play their cards right we could get maybe 7 seasons out of the hottest show on TV.

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