Work of Art - Portrait of the Other Artists : Recap

Before we get started, I should tell you that I know very little about art other than "I love that!" or "That's ugly!" So hopefully you're not here expecting a second opinion other than what the judges on the show give us. I mean, I will have opinions, but they will be worth very little. Anyway, we start out with a "The following program may contain material that is unsuitable for young viewers." Uh-oh. Did I accidentally TiVo an episode of Real Housewives? But nope, because now it's time for the summary: Fourteen artists will be given a unique opportunity to show their talent to America and the top players in the art world. Our host and judge is China Chow, a model and actress. So, I guess I am as qualified as these judges. Except that she's wearing an ugly paint-looking print dress in bright yellow, turquoise and about seven other eye-injuring colors. One artist will win a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum, and $100,000. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Really? I mean, the Brooklyn Museum? You'd think they could have at least gotten something in Manhattan. No offense, Brooklyn. Okay, maybe a little offense. Anyway, opening credits. There's someone on this show named Jamie Lynn. That can't bode well. (Sarah Jessica Parker is an executive producer on this show, it turns out. Did we know this?) [I did, but I subscribe to her newsletter. - Zach]

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