Treme - ' Wish Someone Would Care ' Recap

Hi folks. I was out of town last night and had to catch this momentous 'Treme' episode on DVR. I thought it was excellent but heartbreaking. It was building up to the inevitable from the moment Creighton assigned Kate Chopin's 1899 'The Awakening' to his freshman lit class. The controversial French Creole protagonist, Edna Pontellier, after leaving her husband and children only to discover her lover has also left, tragically swims out in the Gulf of Mexico and drowns.

Even if you didn't read the book, Creighton and his students make it obvious that something depressing happens in the story, with Creighton affirming that Edna was searching for Truth.

Sadly, because of all the clues -- a depressed Creighton pretending to type when Sophia talks to him, giving his daughter and wife an exaggeratedly upbeat good-bye that morning, dismissing his class early to traipse around some of his favorite New Orleans' haunts, leaving Annie a $20 tip -- it came as no surprise when Creighton is shown at the side of the riverboat in one shot and then is mysteriously gone in the next. Rest in peace, Creigh; we shall miss you dearly.

Creighton's suicide -- after an afternoon of lovely, essentially New Orleans moments -- had been foreshadowed for weeks, now, especially last episode when he uncharacteristically "quits" Mardi Gras. It's a shame, shame, shame, and I have no idea how Toni and Sophia will respond next episode. It's going to be brutal.

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