Burn Notice: season finale, not what I expected

I am a great Burn Notice enthusiast, I love the show, especially this season. Therefore I am sorry to be writing this, but is has to be said:

To say that finale was disappointing is an understatement.

The usual episode-case had (on paper) the works going for it, but it was boring and a tad desperate in its attempt to use the little girl to evoke emotion. It only took away precious time from the red thread of the season, which in turn ended underwhelming.

Think of ALL the greatness throughout this season, Simon's short but epic return, scary -ass Kendra (Navi Rawat's guest stint) and much more - to end the season like this. They could at least have gone out with a literal bang when the writing is so vague this time.

I mean why go to all that trouble to get to the bible only to hand it off before Michael got Any information? It's out of character. And how the hell could they downplay all preparations for the rendez-vous in the end?? They have been constantly telling us how he is the most dangerous villain yet, has his own army and all - it's unconvincing.

My frustrations stems from the fact that the finale didn't leave me wanting more, it left me with "is that all you can get out of that story-line?" It didn't even evolve, it was more meagrely postponed.

All in all, I still love Burn Notice (always have, always will), and I will definitely be watching when it comes back. I just wished it had got the finale it deserved!


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Aug 28, 2010 5:36AM EDT

Technically the season isnt over, that was only the mid-season finale.
Though I do kinda agree with you. The whole 'Michael getting strung along by the person he thought burned him only to find out it was the person above them on the food chain' is starting to get a little old.
Anyway, here's to hoping the second half of the season will make things more interesting when it comes back.

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