Time Leaps are officially out of control

We have an epidemic on our hands -a time warp one...

Just when you thought that man would never travel in time, the networks have done it again -surprising us by a repeat!!

* They did it once, they might do it again -yes it's One Tree Hill, as you probably knew they're considering a one year time leap (this time) Sidereel news

*I seem to remember listening to a bird chirp about Desperate Housewives also considering a new time leap as well -I'm not sure though.

*Furthermore, now Ghost Whisperer is eyeing up a five year time leap!

This is what EW said: A Ghost Whisperer insider confirms that producers of the CBS drama are toying with the idea of kicking the new season off five years into the future. The move would allow the show to introduce Jim and Melinda's son as a pre-schooler instead of as a newborn.

As you'll recall, the season ended with Melinda learning that her offspring would possess psychic powers even greater than her own. Probably a tough story to do with a burping, teething toddler.

-it just might be me, but all this sounds plain lazy to me!

I thought the writers would show their worth after the strike, not showing how often one can get away with copy-paste.

But hey, what do you think?


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