'America's Got Talent' - 'Episode 505' Performances Recap

After watching the judges make at least three questionable decisions in the last episode, I was a bit afraid that they would continue on the path of sending bad acts to Vegas and sending some good acts home. After all, the producers clearly want some shock value and not 100 percent talent for the Vegas episodes.

The judges did make at least one decision I question in this episode. However, they didn't follow suit on last night's path, as most of the Orlando auditions were so terrible that it was clear none could move on.

I wonder if the show will go back to Orlando next season as this was indeed one of the worst audition episodes ever -- they went from bad to worse. Thankfully, there were a few rare gems amongst the hopefuls.

Some of the acts I didn't enjoy:

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Jason Pote, free-style dancer: Jason is definitely not following in his mother's footsteps and should stick to being a lifeguard. His performance is too wacky and there is no routine. Actually, it's pretty much the same boring moves over and over again as he moves around the stage. He got three X's thanks to Sharon, who eventually pressed Howie's X to put us out of our misery, ending the performance.

The Morphs, dance: Wacky colorful spandex costumes do not make a dance team any better. Their moves were too slow and too basic. Some dancers didn't even seem to know what they were doing! Plus the Backstreet Boys song didn't help at all.

Billy Bob Steinberg, percussionist: We've seen other acts where percussionists played on various items and not only drums (see last year's Recycled Percussion for a prime example) and be really successful at it. Playing drums on a bike could have worked if only Billy Bob had been more daring and creative with his routine. Another thing that could have helped Billy Bob is to have at least another person play percussion alongside him.


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