Review: 30 Rock "I Do Do"

Review: Before I begin the review, let's look back at all the significant events that transpired this season on 30 Rock so that we may reflect on the ensuing hilarity now that the best show on TV takes a break until next fall:

* TGS found a new cast member in Danny, who later carried on a short lived office romance with Liz

* Jenna dated James Franco for publicity only to be replaced by a life-sized Japanese pillow girl

* Liz gained and quickly lost her own talk show

* Tracy took on the ultimate challenge of winning an EGOT an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award to prove his fidelity to his wife

* Jenna reconnected with her mom while Liz found out that hers had quite a steamy relationship with Buzz Aldrin

* Toofer quit after learning his hiring was the result of affirmative action

* Jack fell in love with both Nancy, an old flame from back in Boston, and Avery, a sexy, smart financial journalist

* Jenna fell for Paul, a male Jenna impersonator

* Liz learned of Floyd's engagement, leading her to believe that love has passed her by and she must settle for Wesley, whom she met while heavily sedated in the dentist's office

* (Fill in your own)

30 Rock wraps up its fourth season answering all the questions that had been built up over the past months while raising quite a few enticing ones in the process. Season finales are where shows really flex their creative muscles, but many of you may remember that I wasn't too pleased with how Kidney Now! wrapped up season three by tying up a storyline that wasn't given enough legs to really develop and just being regular episode good as opposed to season finale good. I have no such complaints with I Do Do.

As the last episode implied and this episode confirmed, Jack decides that the Nancy vs. Avery battle for his heart has been won by Nancy, until the two finally meet and Nancy forces Jack to realize that he's made the wrong choice and drops a bomb: Avery is pregnant. I'm as big a Julianne Moore fan as the next guy and was initially happy with the decision Jack made, but as he stood before Nancy with a tender smile on his face reciting the reasons why he fell for Avery, it really became clear reflecting on past episodes that Avery was and is the better choice. Credit is due to both Banks and Moore for helping bring the polar opposite characters to fruition, with extra credit going to Moore for adding a hint of something that somehow made Nancy seem appealing, but not enough so for Jack (the really annoying Boston accent probably helped). In the Jack and Avery reconcile, the show added a huge laugh in the swelling romance music fake out and gave us a sample of what's coming up: Jack as a father and Avery as a kick ass mother. I look forward to both.

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