THE GOOD GUYS 1.02 'Bait And Switch' - Review

Some of the early criticism for this episode has been picking apart the characters and story for being unbelievable. Which is odd...

Everyone knows "The Good Guys" is supposed to be a comedy, right?

This show has got a lot of potential. And while this episode isn't quite as funny as the first, it's the villains who make it shine. Nigel — the James Bond-like villain — was a terrific foil for the show. Everything about him screamed debonair and "Bond," even his theme music and his golden gun! Steve Valentine has the best comedic moments of the hour as Nigel frequently loses his refined airs while desperately afraid that Kiersten doesn't love him.

Likewise, it was great to see RonReaco Lee back as Julius, even if it was just for a guest spot. Julius is one of the more entertaining characters on the show and Lee should absolutely be a regular on this series. He brings out the best of Whitford and Hanks.

Jenny Wade showed up again as the A.D.A. Liz and she was pretty useless. Or uselessly pretty. She's just not very good in this role. Everyone else seems to be having a blast, but she's basically just there. It's a shame that Lauren Stamile won't be sticking around as Kiersten. She was a lot more fun to watch.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons "The Good Guys" hasn't quite gelled yet, is that Whitford and Hanks haven't been able to really define their partnership through Stark and Bailey. They get a few good moments here and there, but when the villains and criminals are still more interesting than the leading characters, that's a problem. Of course, this is only the second episode, so it's too early to declare failure there.

The recurring theme of Stark ending up in bed with minor crime victims could be a good running gag and it was amusing to see that it actually led to a break in the case. Stark also had a great moment of melodramatic tension as he stressed to his fellow officers how the recovery of his Trans-Am was the top priority. Even the theme music swelled to carry the moment! That was a nice touch.

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