TV Review: Persons Unknown (S01E01)

So what do you think of last night`s premiere of this NBC new series Persons Unknown? Personally I think it`s kind of cool. So I`m not giving it up anytime soon. Now let`s see what happened in the pilot.

The show began in San Francisco. Janet, who I believe is the lead role in this show, was talking to some investigator about finding her husband. She ended up being kidnapped and woke up in a locked room of a hotel. After looking everywhere for clues without any result, a man named Joe broke into the room and told her she could actually use the key hidden in the bible to open the door. Out of the room, we were introduced to the main characters of the show.

After leaving the hotel and walking around the town, these 7 strangers found out 2 facts. One, they were continuously monitored via CCTV (Big Brother??). Two, there is a invisible fence, which will trigger a long, drug-induced pavement nap, causing them unconscious, if they try to leave the premises of the town.

As evenings comes, they found out that they were not alone. A Chinese kitchen staff invited them for a delicious dinner. The creepy thing happens when they each receive a fortune cookie after the dinner. It appears they pick the cookie randomly, but who will believe that. Some honestly say out what`s written in the cookie, while some made up a story, including Janet. Also, after they went back to the hotel, they found out now there was a manger at the front desk, who had no idea what`s going on except that he was hired after the strangers were kidnapped.

The end of this episode revealed what`s written in Janet`s cookie: “Kill your neighbor and you`ll go free. Although the idea doesn`t seem new, I still like to find out the mystery behind this kidnap. And from the preview of next episode, looks like Janet starts to take actions.


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