True Blood Season 3 Premiere Review - Bad Blood

Review: It feels like forever since last we visited the fictional town of Bon Temps and all its wacky, supernatural residents. With expectations high, True Blood came close to fulfilling them, but didn't quite knock me out of the park. By picking up literally minutes after the hectic season two finale, there were a ton of active plot lines all running wild with no hope of being corralled in a single episode.

Basically the only thing that didn't work for me was the amount of stuff in the episode. I would have preferred the "a lot of a little" approach rather than the "little of a lot". We barely get to see any of our favorite characters before we're whisked off to the next scene. Well, there is a second thing that didn't work for me as Sookie's constant whining. I get it, her boyfriend (potentially her fiance) is missing, but hot damn, all she did was whine and bitch and complain. Several people have been killed, some have murdered, and others may be pregnant. You're being selfish, Sook.

Hm, the more I think about it, the less I like. One more thing: Tara. I don't really recall her and Eggs actually being in love. Their whole relationship was defined by Maryann's hoodoo, so I am not entirely sure why she's so distraught to the point of attempting suicide.

Other than that, it's good to be back. We're treated to a healthy dose of nudity - a couple of bared breasts, brief female full frontal, and more than ample amounts of Eric's ass. For those of that persuasion, there is even a dream sequence between Sam and Bill that certainly lit the fires of several on-line fan sites. Vamp blood is a hell of a drug. In case you were confused, during Season Two, Sam consumed some of Bill's blood and anyone who drinks vampire blood becomes, at least temporarily, sexually attracted to that particular vampire.

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