Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today'

It's never fun to watch a TV character you love die -- unless you're watching "Terminator," of course.

The surprising death scene didn't exactly resemble the Terminator deaths from the movies, but it still reminded me of Arnie's exit in "T1" and of Robert Patrick's meltdown in "T2." I loved watching Arnie torment Sarah and Kyle in the original film, but I also loved watching the guy get blown to chrome chum. The same goes for Patrick -- he was amazing, but his death in "T2" was one of the coolest parts of the movie. Cromartie carried on that tradition. He was a cracked, dangerous and captivating Terminator who earned a decent fan following and a great death scene. Read more ...


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Nov 14, 2008 3:18AM EST

Okay- you asked for a reply, now I'm giving it.
1) I WOULD like to see Cromartie return. He was an interesting character (okay- some episodes, I must admit, I find him the most engaging character on the screen). 2 ideas...a) Another version of him (after all, these things DO come out of a mold)b) He somehow managed to save his data on a "Back up" program. After all- they almost killed him once, he's probably learned a few lessons.
2) Being a fan of "Once upon a Time" I enjoyed it. Sure, it would get annoying if they did it all the time- but a little variety in filming styles never hurt anyone.
3) Elison's a big boy.... Sure Sarah is harsh and abrasive... But, get in line- she's like that for everyone. And considering what he knows about them- he should be able to understand why she runs on a short fuse.STILL- Elison going Dark Side COULD make for an interesting development- so I'm open to either option.
4) Robot Lovin'........ um...... OW!...... Okay- that would be taking it a bit far.Besides- Cameron weighs like 500-1000 pounds (remember the scene in the elevator) and can crush a man with her bare hands (season premere)... I doubt John would have the "staminia" to fool around with her.

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