Review : Doctor Who - Amy's Choice

When we talk about The Doctor, we're usually talking about the tawdry quirks and a personality that exists on the exterior. That's one of the things we love about Doctor Who, it's a decades-old tale built around a character who, even after said decades of narrative, remains a mysterious intergalactic gunslinger with excellent taste in suits. But with Amy's Choice we are seeing something new and here's where our discussion turns to spoilers we're seeing inside the mind of The Doctor.

Yes, hopefully by now you've had a chance to see where the twist comes in. But first, there are reasons why it all works in the end. Not the least of which is the on-screen dynamic between Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. To this point, the relationship between Amy and Rory has been an odd one. What does she see in that oaf, I've wondered to myself? And why does The Doctor keep him around. In this episode, Rory becomes for the first time a legitimate character in this story. He's three dimensional and important, both as a man who captures Amy's attention as much as The Doctor, and an additional companion.

And that's what Amy's Choice is all about, development of the triangular relationship that will define the short-term goals of this season. Simon Nye, known mostly for British Men Behaving Badly, brings a great deal if inventiveness and wit into this episode, one that stands alone among the greater narrative (you know, those cracks all over the place). He also gives the episodes best lines to the villain, the Dream Lord played by Toby Jones. Perfectly cast and instantly chilling, Jones brings a cheery deviance to the role of The Doctor's dark side. From bow tie jokes to wry smile, Jones is a perfectly matched antithesis to Matt Smith. And it's what he represents that is truly scary he's the personification of what The Doctor fears about himself. Who knew that all these years later we'd still be learning things about The Doctor.

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