Friday Night Lights : Stay - Recap

Once again, recapleting through tears. I need to come up with something else to do on Friday nights!

The Lions prepare for and play a televised game against the undefeated McNulty. Coach tries Vince out in quarterback position, and the Lions nearly pull off the huge upset. Vince teeters on a razor's

edge between his new life as upstanding young football player and his old. In the other minor story lines, Jess slaps Landry when he blabbers on to her about not being sure whether or not he wants to date her, and when Vince shows up to her father's barbeque stand, we get a better sense that something bad went down between those two in the past.

But the heart of the episode belongs to two heartwrending farewells. Lyla comes back to town just long enough to remind herself how much she loves Tim Riggins and how much it won't ever work between them. They spend three days in his trailer and, oh, if only the whole world were a ochre-lit Airstream trailer in the warm early Texas fall....

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