'Last Comic Standing' - 'NYC Auditions Part One' Recap

(S07E02) Welcome to the second of three audition episodes for 'Last Comic Standing' (I lied last week when I said there were only two.) This week, the judges -- established comics Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler and Natasha Leggero -- scour the East Coast for comedians to compete in the "Showcase" at NYC's Gotham Comedy Club, and for a chance to battle in the semi-finals against the Los Angeles comics.

Let's dive right in and ignore this weird opening bit where host Craig Robinson plays keyboard while the judges dance. It's really unnecessary.

The first comic to audition in NYC is Alycia Cooper. Cooper, who looks like Sherri Shepherd, lives with her mother and her grandmother in DC and wants to get out of the house before they all kill each other. She does a sports joke that Leggero doesn't get but that kills Kindler and Giraldo. The men say yes and Leggero says no. Giraldo gives Cooper some pointers about adding too many punchlines and drowning her jokes. Cooper goes through.

Next up is Mike DeStefano, who's been doing comedy for 10 years and whose back story segment is really harping on his Bronx upbringing. DeStefano talks to a bunch of tatted-up meathead buddies who try to get him to convince -- OK, persuade -- the other comics to bomb. It's all very mobster and blue collar. To solidify this image, DeStefano basically tells the judges to eff off when they compliment his act. We get it. He's rough and tumble.

My favorite part about this is that DeStefano does a joke about not having a resume but then a clear shot of the judge's table on Giraldo's side shows he's holding DeStefano's resume and head shot. Was this on purpose? Either way, I'm not buying what DeStefano is selling (cocaine out of his cousin's trunk?). He's not winning me over by calling Leggero a "pretty girl" and claiming not to know who she is. Really? You went into this audition without so much as Googling the judges? See? I don't buy it.

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