Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Brothers of Nablus'

Now things are really getting weird. The question of whether or not Skynet is at war with itself was all but confirmed in this week's opening scene. Not convinced? Watch it again. Why else would Cromartie kill Robo Ellison and say something like "SkyNet does not believe in you like I do" to the real Ellison? It sounds like Cromartie has gone rogue, which is an odd notion for a Terminator that hasn't been reprogrammed by John Connor. Read more ...


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Nov 5, 2008 11:08AM EST

Skynet has definitely got issues. But the problem with shows that mess with time travel (i.e. lost) is that it brings up a whole new dimension of possible theories. My guess is that Weaver wants to make a new skynet, which is why she's obtained the A.I. Ellison probably does something to help Connor in the future that Weaver wants him to help her with, which is why she is keeping him close. I think the Riley thing is gonna finish dramatically. I'm also kind of annoyed with John Connor, like his brooding depression was ok for 1-2 episodes... But every time he's in a scene now I feel like slitting my wrists for crying out loud. All in all, we've got some good episodes coming :D.

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