Heroes Season 3 Possiable Spoilers (not from me)

Hi all i just read this on a website and thort i would share...

Ali Larter: According to Heroes insiders, Niki is not expected to return to the show. But her devilish alter ego, Jessica? Oh yeah, we'll see her as soon as the show comes back to the beloved airwaves—when the strike is through! At least, that's the plan according to sources who tell me producers had "done all they could do" with Niki. Micah is not gonna be happy. But at least he'll have Monica...

So Niki gets super mad that she is about to get blown up and she summons Jessica, then jessica stays permanently making Jessica one of the baddies of season 3?!

David Anders: I'd bet my beloved, signed Hiro poster that Hiro's sworn nemesis will return. (I've seen that '90s flick The Vanishing and know people can be dug up after being buried alive! Maybe we can even get Kiefer Sutherland to do the digging!) Sources tell me it's not set in stone, but the tentative plan is for Adam Monroe to be back to torment our favorite squinty teleporter—i.e., the "carp." Here's hoping he does.

How exactly is this going to work?! No one knows where he is . . . for now.

Adrian Pasdar: I've heard the production and writing staff is somewhat split as to whether Nathan should return to the show. Allow me to be the first to say WTF? Heroes without the brothers would be like Prison Break or Brothers & Sisters without the brothers: a waste of time! Surely Claire's blood can save her own father, right?! Let's say a little prayer for the older Petrelli, shall we?

There are a million possible ways for them to bring Nathan back, the most obvious one being the fact that he has Adam Monroe's blood in him.Also, Peter's blood can save Nathan and he is right there . . . slit wrists, pour blood down brother' throat. Peter could just go back in time and stop the shots from being fired in the first place. And to ruin the entire "whodunit" of season 3, peter could freeze time and catch the killer. . . ha! ha!


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