Iron Man Rejuvenates The Superhero Flick

Look out, Spider-Man, Superman, and the Fantastic 4. Your sequels have been disappointing audiences for some time now, but director Jon Favreau has rejuvenated the superhero flick with the kickoff of the summer movie season, Iron Man.

At first glance, Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) is not the superhero type. He didn't have any traumatic experiences during his youth, the ladies love him, and he's made a place for himself in the business world by putting his engineering genius to work designing weapons of mass destruction. While in Afghanistan to demonstrate a new weapon, the Jericho, Stark's convoy is attacked by terrorists and he is wounded by a weapon of his own design. When he comes to, Stark finds that he is being held captive in a cave with a doctor, Yinsen (Shaun Toub), and is being kept alive by an electromagnetic device and a car battery. Though the terrorists, who are well equipped with Stark Industries weapons, want Stark to build them a Jericho weapon, Stark instead builds a suit of armor that helps him escape his captors.

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