Smallville: "Descent" Dissection

Smallville returned tonight after a three-week break, and for those of you who don’t remember, Lana is in a coma induced by Braniac, who currently holds Kara (Supergirl) hostage. Lex is looking for the second key (he already has one) to access the box hidden by Lionel Luthor that holds the means to controlling Clark.

"Descent" starts with Lionel showing up at Luthorcorp looking stressed. Lex confronts Lionel about the Traveler (a new nickname for Clark). Lex accuses Lionel of prioritizing him below the Traveler and Lionel warns Lex that there will be no redemption for him if Lex goes after the secret box. But of course, Lex doesn’t care and he pushes Lionel out the window after taking the locket that holds the second key. Poor Lionel didn’t even make it to the credits.

Read the rest over at Athens Exchange.


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Apr 21, 2008 2:51PM EDT

We know about this already...

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