Battlestar Galactica Commentary 4.7, "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?": Why Is Everyone So Confused?

While talking with friends this weekend about Battlestar Galactica 4.7, "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?", I have discovered that almost all of them are confused about what's going on. And the ones who said they weren't confused were obviously not telling the truth or not paying enough attention. Don't think for a second that I have any real answers to any of the questions. I'm as confused as they are.

I am not, however, confused by the writing. It's been compelling for the whole season, complicated and beautiful. I think what's going on is that people are unaccustomed to processing television, or media of any kind, that deals with religion on more than the bumpersticker level. We've gotten used to complicated relationships (see The Sopranos or Studio 60), complicated plots (see The Wire, and then watch it again), and complicated mysteries (see Lost, and then wonder if something is really a mystery if even the writers don't know how it ends), but television, and especially science fiction television, doesn't deal well with religion.

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