The Office: "The Chairmodel" Dissection

This week's Office episode, "The Chairmodel," opens up with a parking crisis. One of the other businesses in the building shared by Dunder-Mifflin is renovating, so the construction people are taking the parking spots used by Dunder-Mifflin employees. Some folks are upset, namely Kevin and Andy. Jim and Pam of course find it funny.

As you have probably guessed, Michael has become obsessed with the chair model in an office supply catalog while looking for a new chair. He has officially sworn off dating Jan and has enlisted the office to find him a new girlfriend. Phyllis offers to set Michael up with a friend of hers, and Michael asks horrible questions about her and finds out that the friend is overweight. Shallow as he is, he refuses and then tells the office that they all have to write down suggestions for him in an hour or they are all fired.

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