Battlestar Galactica Blog Carnival, 4.4: Data-Rich Battlestar News

The "So Say We All" Battlestar Galactica blog carnival is up, version 4.4 has posted here. This week's carnival is especially thick with analysis because the stor is progressing so quickly. From the entry:

"The title refers to the need for a spaceship to arrive at a certain speed before being able to achieve said escape velocity, i.e., what's needed to escape the gravity of a planet and launch into space.

It's a metaphor, I believe, for the show needing to build up some tension and exposition in order to start revealing things that are going to blow our minds.

We had: Baltar beginning to preach; Six beginning to sense something about Tigh; Tyrol beginning to allow himself to be himself; Tory beginning to be completely insane because she figures, what the hell, I'm a Cylon; the mystery of "Head" Six beginning to become even more mysterious; Tigh beginning to hallucinate his dead wife on Six's body and beginning to want to have the pain of having killed her go away. By the end, these beginnings had achieved a sort of escape velocity and something's gonna blow."

More over at Remote Access.

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