Lost Recap: "There's No Place Like Home Part 1" Review

Last week's "There's No Place Like Home Part 1" was a set-up for what is sure to be a slam-bang finale. Though light on revelation about the island, the episode was filled with plenty of great character moments and interaction. Like "Three Minutes" and "Greatest Hits," it was a set-up that packed plenty of punch on its own.

Picking up from last week's "Cabin Fever," this episode showed Locke, Ben, and Hurley as they journeyed toward the Orchid, a hatch that is apparently powerful enough to move an entire island (go to Wikipedia and do a search for the Casimir Effect). Meanwhile, Jack takes one of the Freighter Folk's cool walkie-talkies and heads for the helicopter. However, he runs off before Sayid can come back with his warning.

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