Battlestar Galactica Commentary: 4.6, "Faith"

Preparing to write on Battlestar Galactica episode 4.6, "Faith," I began to wonder why the crew of the Demetrius couldn't trust Starbuck like I do. Around the watercooler this week, I discovered that most Battlestar Galactica fans I know are having trouble understanding why everyone can't trust Starbuck. I thought about it for a while, and came to the realization that the other characters don't know she's one of the main characters. Gaeta and Lt. Pike don't know that they are bit player. They don't see any reason why Starbuck's psychotic opinion should count for more than theirs. Once they think she's crazy they have to make a decision about their survival, so we have a mutiny on our screens.

They also don't know that Starbuck is the best thing to happen to geeks since Jeri Ryan's pantsuit joined the cast of Voyager, but that's a whole different subject. And she's a strong female character, a fairly recent development in science fiction television. The other characters, though, can't see our external reasons for trusting Starbuck. All they see is her devolution.

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May 11, 2008 3:44PM EDT

Actually I was wondering if Helo could have picked a worse crew for starbuck to lead. She has acted pretty terribly towards most of the crew of the Demetrius. I find it very easy to understand why they don't trust her, she's tried to kill some of them.

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