Losing interest fast! (Hung s01e06)

At the beginning of the series, I was pretty interested in this show. I really liked the dynamic of Ray with his kids, the kids with the ex-wife, and Ray with Tanya! I thought the whole cast had great chemistry and were ripe with story possibilities. I also thought the comedy was great with Ray and Tanya working out how to do their new jobs!

However, I really do not like the direction the show has taken. It seems so formulaic to have Ray start a relationship with one of his clients. It also seems a bit soon. We barely had time to see him as a prostitute and already he is falling for someone. In only the sixth episode? Really? And maybe it wouldn't be too bad, except that I REALLY don't like the girl he's falling for. In my opinion, she is a very unsympathetic character. They don't have chemistry. And the storyline is just plain boring.

I had hopes that this show would be funny, entertaining, and different (at least for a while). I'm sadly disappointed by the direction it has taken. Maybe it will get better. I guess I'll wait and see (but only for a few more episodes).


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Aug 11, 2009 8:44PM EDT

i still like the show, but i have to agree that ray falling for that client was extremely disappointing. i dont like her at all. I'll still keep watching but i honestly hope that they dump this storyline ASAP!

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