Shane Did Not Miss the Bear

Best ending yet. I'm talking all 5 seasons. Finally the chickens come home to roost. Shane's been the wild card from day one. In therapy, only one with Judah when he died. Remeber when he threw a can of punch at that soccer brat and ran to Silas complaining that he'd merely grazed him--then they both ended up re-enacting a scene from the bear hunter show.."you can't miss the bear!"..well he didn't miss the bear this time. It was perfect, came outta nowhere. Those summer school days he spent with the crazy body guard/amateur wrestler paid off. The look on Nancy's face as Pillar floats face down in the pool..priceless--looked like she both loved and feared the monster she'd created. "..couldn't find a golf club.." priceless.

The rest of the episode bounced around a bit. So many disconected plot lines--Celia's team, Andy's proposal, whatshername's overdose. All intersting, but kinda scattered spin offs to the real story of Nancy's life. (How about a new alternate TV show called Crabgrass, the travails of Celia and her team trying to make it big, maybe not, but that bunch deserves there own airtime--there's just too many interesting characters).

Doug scheming a new business is gonna be good. His financial sense is very funny. The castrasted Esteban worked--"don't wear my deodorant again"--he needed to be bumped from his imppecably groomed pedstal. I wonder if Nancy will leave him now that he's shown his soft ineffective underbelly. Shane could be groomed to be a fierce mob boss. Silas could grow. They all could be happy.

The never ending sense of this show why can't they just make some money and be happy, stop trying to shoot the moon and run an empire--I mean putting out a hit on Pillar that was badass, like putting out hit on the DEA husband. I guess that's the point, insatiable greed and instable ambition. Kinda works, but I wonder how much longer this show can keep grinding out plot lines. Here's hoping.


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Sep 1, 2009 6:14AM EDT

Hardly the best. Good but not best. You cant say that beat the revelation of the DEA agent, or the Mexican standoff of the Armenians and U-Turn, or the dramatic arson of Agrestic.

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Sep 1, 2009 7:44AM EDT

It definitely was good. This finale definitely saved the show in my book. This was by far the best finale/general episode of the last two seasons since they left Agrestic.

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Sep 1, 2009 8:52AM EDT

Oh...Oh my god...I get it.
This season...was amazing. The dots were connected.
I think I need to go to bed.

Sep 1, 2009 9:12AM EDT

Definitely saved the show for me. Not sure it was the best ending ever, but was for sure one of the best episodes in recent memory. I do agree there is a lot of side action going on. They need to tie everyone back together, my guess is Nancy jumps back into the drug game (after Esteban goes to Prison without Pillar's umbrella) and again kicks Cecila under the bus (I hate her character). Full circle rinse wash repeat, but oooohh it's a great formula :)

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Sep 1, 2009 8:42PM EDT

I jumped out of my chair durring the end, heard a whack and theres Shane lol. I don't think this season was the best it looked like it had great potential in so many area with everyones story but 25-30minutes a show and 12-14 episodes a season isnt enough to get it all out they should really try to expand the show to a 40-60minute time frame, I think it would really help them with there creativity on expanding the shows storyline.

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Sep 1, 2009 8:56PM EDT

Wow. Maybe not the best finale episode but definitely the best ending scene. Shane had to snap sooner or later. Once I saw the scene where he refused to take the painkillers I could see in his eyes he would become either a masochistic sex-fiend or go on a savage killing spree. Then he puts a knife to that guy's throat - we have a winner folks! Awesome. Can't wait 'til next season.

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Sep 1, 2009 9:23PM EDT

I think that the ending sparked my interest in watching next maybe there's hope for this show yet...prior to that, I was, pretty much, at the point of writing it off. I do think next season should be it, though...I hope they bring Conrad back before it's all said and done with.

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Sep 1, 2009 11:27PM EDT

Crabgrass!?!?! I think I've found a blogger to hold in high regard. Very funny. For what it's worth I've read some of your other posts and it seems you read between the some pretty squiggley lines but seem to remember each peak and low for what it's worth. Roundabouts as well.
Are you sure you aren't an engineer?

An engineer or are you a closet philosopher? Symbolism isn't lost on you, I appreciate that and respect your insights because of it.

To dedicate this song would infer more than I am intending but I have to admit to thinking of this little ditty as it relates to this so far one-sided banter:

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs -The Be Good Tonyas (Weeds soundtrack 2005)

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Sep 1, 2009 11:54PM EDT

And not to hog the floor (OK, I know I'm hoggin the floor), I must agree that this was indeed a cliff-hanger to beat most.
High ranking media friendly officials saw Nancy leave with Pilar. Paparazzi love to hang out in the trees. With all of the controversy sourrounding the Mayor's tax evasion etc, new marraige to a gringo with baggage...what is this her third/fourth sacred vow (Mexico is mostly Catholic) ?... Besides all that drama the rest of the family is also under the microscope.
The Big Wig's prized daughter has just (the same night) been wisked away for medical reasons AND less than a week from visiting the new American drug dealer's home? Again, after a new marriage. To a political figure. After a financial scandal...with drug and mafia ties. Could you imagine if this was in real life? The papz would have close up telephoto lense shots of shane searching for a golf club.
Not finding one, swinging the mallet and testing it for deadly force. Then zooming in as he crumpled her temple and watched her bloat on water as she floated face down in a heated salt water pool.
MMMM. Can't wait to see if Germo tells on Nancy about the pre-meditated murder of Pilar....cuz he could. She put him in jail and telling on her might get him out. Especially since she's made some pretty big enemies in the legal system. Blackmail only works if you hold the winning hand Nance.

And might I mention that all those conversations are well as the fact that her two previous husbands were Govt agents involved with the DEA who are now dead. Is that a coincidence?
But when she was married to first DEA agent she was "clean" (we find out her husband was a bit dirty...she had no idea but now because of her history and because all her charactor witnesses are drug dealers/whores/losers....)

I wish I were the prosicuter on this case. I'd win. I wouldn't even have to be sober to do it because the facts bury her, her own actions bury her, and her past nailed the coffin shut.
If I were the prosecuter I'd claim that her her youngest son is a contract killer (not to mention her oldest is an awesome horticulturalist) ... Support Your Local Family Business!

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Sep 2, 2009 12:23AM EDT

Phenomenal ending! I just about had a heart attack when Shane knocked her over the head. That was outstanding! I'm stoked from here on out!

Large 1371447244 phillis wheatley
Dec 15, 2012 2:02AM EST

Thank you Shane for doing something mommy could not do herself and since Pillar did inadvertently shot Shane it was fitting that the little serial killer killed her instead and the alternate universe of faux nancyceilia will not work especially when the shit really hits the fan...

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