Shonen Onmyouji Complete Series DVD Review

The feature decides to open with a blast as the audience is introduced to the main character of Masahiro who is learning to become an Onmyouji and the small white creature Mokkun who follows him as they are battling a giant glowing skull. As the two are bickering after their victory the effects of the battle are seen as the old house they were fighting in starts to collapse on them. At this point a flashback introduces Masahiro as having failed at his attempt to become a calligrapher and meeting Mokkun for the first time that he knows of. Masahiro is revealed to be the grandson of the great Onmyouji Abe no Seimei which drives him crazy as he is always being compared by others to his grandfather as he seems to feel overlooks himself as a person. It turns out that Masahiro is currently lacking in the power of second sight to see the supernatural world that an Onmyouji needs and has been struggling to find his role since his second sight vanished when he was younger. Masahiro soon finds himself almost haunted by

Mokkun as Mokkun starts to follow him around. As Masahiro is leaving from his newest failure to find a role for himself as a flutist there is a sudden explosion of dirt ahead of him as a cart is thrust into the air and it and the ox pulling it disappear. The ground starts exploding around him and Mokkun ties to stop him from getting involved as he can see the creature Masahiro cannot and recognizes its power.

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