Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Episode #10"

A lot of things appear to be in the balance as Yamato is now set to take down Sai so he can bring him under his own control and use him for his plans. Sai's not doing well in all of this since he's still so new to his powers and Yamato is able to really get one up on him when they first trade magical blows since Sai isn't the type to really go all out right away. Luckily for him, Keena and Eriko are there to help smooth things out and get him out of harm's way at least initially while the massive forces of the ninja wait outside for there to be an opportunity to attack.

The press campaign is amusing as it plays out that the Kouga and Iga ninja are all set to defeat the great Demon King that's now hiding within the magic academy as they manage to rally the support of the public who has little facts about what's truly going on. While Sai is down at the moment and not exactly out, he is close to getting a bit of support as Junko has managed to gain control of the sword of Sohaya from her father, a position that her father didn't want her to have but was overruled by his own mother in a rather quite way. It all ties back to the beginning when the matriarch of the family first met Sai when he stumbled into her and Junko at the station and she got a feel for what kind of person he is, even if he is the supposed demon king.

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